Process and Compliance Solutions
for the advice industry
Abulikemu Eldar Yilidaer

XPLAN Development and Advisor Support

“I enjoy creating something new and making financial advisors’ lives easier with my programming.”

Abulikemu ‘Eldar’ Yilidaer loves programming and coding. He enjoys the process of creating something new and exciting customers with his systems.

“I am very passionate about finance and data analytics. I love knowing financial advisors are benefiting from my programming … as it makes their lives much easier.”

Eldar is passionate about finance and data analytics, business analytics and data science. He enjoys learning new trends in business.

He also loves making things happen, with great success and efficiency.

“When I make something for financial advisors and they say it’s useful, I feel good. When people acknowledge my hard work, it really motivates me.

I believe in working hard and always giving my best in everything I do.”

Eldar is an avid learner and believes quality is of the utmost importance.When Eldar isn’t programming or studying, he enjoys playing basketball and reading up on the latest financial articles and journals.

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