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iComply2 - Anthony Lyon

Anthony Lyon

Founder & Co-Creator, iComply2

“It’s an undiscovered world out there.”

“I’m excited about the whole business. I have the technical and coding skills, and I am able to find the latest solutions around compliance and making a business more efficient…

…and I love building something in the Artificial Intelligence space.”

Anthony Lyons was an accountant until he found his niche in financial planning.

Accounting was okay, and he was very good at it, but he needed the client relationships, more than he needed the numbers.

“Financial planning is helping people – helping them in their personal and professional lives. In financial planning, you’re able to develop deeper relationships with people, whereas accounting was just lodging a tax return.”

And he has a unique skillset most people in this space don’t have.

“It’s very hard to communicate to a technical person what the requirements are from a financial planning point of view… and financial planners don’t understand technology. So, there’s a disconnect.”

Anthony is working to bridge that disconnect.

“I’ve built the bots, built a paraplanner app and I enjoy thinking about what will make compliance and processes easier and more efficient.

How can we use technology to make an adviser’s life easier? How can we automate compliance? What other solutions can we come up with, across the whole business?”

Looking at solutions is what drives Anthony to succeed and to further his understanding of this side of the business.

And like Chris, he thrives on the win and discovering what they call a ‘game changer’.

As a new dad, Ant is enjoying much less sleep than usual and is playing far less sport. The closest he comes to playing rugby these days is watching the Waratahs or Wallabies play. But he wouldn’t change it for the world.

It gives him more time to dream big.

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