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Calvin Chung

Calvin Chung

Head of Development, XPLAN software

“I’m really passionate about making sure people are taken care of and their needs are answered.”

Calvin Chung loves helping people. He brings insightful observations and expert ideas to the table.

And he knows that his support makes a difference.

“My area of expertise is anything related to XPLAN, such as generating templates, advice documents, or any analytical tools customers need help with. I convert information into mediums that best communicate data to clients. I cover that whole base.”

With a double degree of Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance, Calvin understands the importance of data analysis and financial planning.

During his university days, Calvin was interested in being a risk consultant. When he graduated and started looking for work, he realised that many people spent time analysing financial data…

…and financial planning and compliance became Calvin’s new focus and passion.Since then, Calvin has been driven by technology and how to implement it to its full advantage.

“There’s a huge amount of possibilities technology can bring us to.The use of technology has always fascinated me – since I was very young. It’s really amazing to see the changes and efficiencies of technology, how much time you can save because of technology’s impact.”

Calvin doesn’t cut corners. He values credibility above all else and ensures his customers are always making the right choices. It’s important to Calvin that his customers are confident in his own credibility.When Calvin is not providing XPLAN support, you’ll find him playing racquet sports such as table tennis, badminton and tennis. He also enjoys playing golf.

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