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Christopher Fellas

Chris Fellas

Founder and Co-Creator, iComply2

“I’ve been called tenacious many times in my life. I’m determined and I like the detail.”

Chris Fellas is very, very good at connecting the dots. Finding the opportunities that can lead to major change. You could call him a pioneer.

“I love the challenge of finding solutions, particularly when that solution is technology.”

With over thirty years’ experience in the financial industry, there’s not much Chris hasn’t seen.

And in that time, he’s gained a deep understanding of client experiences…

“I’ve learned that most people aren’t afraid of technology, but many don’t have a great understanding of the capability of the software or technology.

Most technology is like your brain – you’re only using a portion of it. If I understand what your pain points are, I’ll find a technological solution to find a better, more streamlined process.

I believe we are in the second wave of a technology revolution. The first, in 2001, was more about the emerging internet boom. This new revolution is far more sophisticated. The technology is much broader, and deeper… with a far greater capability.”

Chris is driven by a pure passion for helping people. It’s how he’s built his name in a notoriously tough industry and how he’s riding high on the wave of innovation now.

Helping people solve problems guides his decision making and filters through every client interaction. It’s a responsibility.

He also likes a win.

“When we wrote the code and produced an ongoing fee report in twenty minutes (where it used to take 4 hours) we go, ‘Fantastic.’ That’s high five stuff. It’s a pretty incredible feeling.”

Chris strives for credibility – and not recognition. The Financial Services industry is one that thrives on referral work… so it’s important to Chris that he has his clients’ confidence and his own credibility.

An early riser, Chris hits the gym most mornings at 5am. It’s part of who he is… keeping his brain fit, as much as his body.

And as a child he enjoyed guest roles on shows like A Country Practice and a few ads … but what he really wanted to do was work behind the scenes as a cameraman, or a director…

…until he got to high school and took a liking to financial markets. So as soon as he left school, he got a job at an investment bank and put himself through night school.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

And when he’s not creating powerful technological ecosystems, you’ll find Chris back on the golf course after a 20-year, child induced break.

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