Process and Compliance Solutions
for the advice industry

The front line of innovation

iComply2 is an ecosystem of software solutions that provides process and compliance solutions for financial planners.

This brand new technology is at the front line of innovation, and it is significantly changing the way financial planners provide advice to their clients.

How? iComply2 was purpose built by advisors, for advisors.  We know your pain points because they were ours too. Lack of time. Inefficiency.

Outdated systems and process.  Our new software solution will manage your workflow processes to increase efficiency with its built-in wizards for every stage of your plan.

From fact find to SOA, our software solutions will hold the available data in one place, and pre-populate required reports in minutes … not hours.

ᐅ An SOA normally takes 13 hours. iComply2 will produce it in under 2 hours.
ᐅ An ROA normally 2 hours. iComply2 will produce it in under 2 minutes.
ᐅ Annual Review pulls through all data in minutes.

iComply2 - powerful reporting

Powerful reporting at the touch of a button

iComply2 creates powerful automated reports at the touch of a button, using expertly coded, easy to use wizards that plug into available software.

Financial planners and advisors will enjoy a full suite of powerful advice tools and wizards that will:

ᐅ Save time
ᐅ Improve systems and processes
ᐅ Increase profitability

…including a built-in Uber-style paraplanner app that will significantly reduce the headcount and time spent generating a financial plan.

Financial plans will no longer take two days to produce one plan.

With iComply2, you’ll produce twelve plans in two days!

From fact find to SOA – iComply2 makes collecting and managing data easier and more efficient because it’s all in one place.

iComply2 - Agile and efficient

Agile and efficient

AFSL holders and planners will produce advice documents faster because our XPLAN wizards are built for efficiency and are industry leading.

The magic number is 2. Our wizards allow you to produce a Statement of Advice in 2 hours and a Record of Advice in 2 minutes.


iComply 2 Wizards

ᐅ Fact Find
ᐅ Review Wizard
ᐅ RoA Wizard
ᐅ SOA Request Wizard
ᐅ Execution Only Letter Wizard
ᐅ Risk Wizard
ᐅ Best Interest Duty File Note
ᐅ Compliance File Review Wizard
ᐅ Portfolio Review Wealth Creators
ᐅ Portfolio Review
ᐅ Engagement Letter Wizard
ᐅ Fee Disclosure
ᐅ Committee Meeting Agenda
ᐅ BT Quarterly Forum Report


Compliance manager

iComply2 Features

Advice compliance

Adviser monitoring
Pick up and manage compliance errors at the fact find stage, not at the review stage. Our reports will analyse your data and provide warnings where compliance issues may arise.

Also, our Best Interest Duty File Note Wizard has been built using the ASIC Best Interest Duty Checklist to ensure every file meets your obligations.

Compliance Manager tools

If you have an internal compliance manager, we have built tools and reports for your Compliance Manager to efficiently manage your AFSL. Everything from advice policies to compliance file reviews.

Fee disclosure statement and fee for no service obligations

We have built custom compliance file reports on FDS and fee for no service, to ensure you have provided the services you promised to provide.

Review your entire client base at the click of a button.

iComply2 - compliance tools

Microsoft Suite

We have customised the Microsoft Suite specifically for financial planning businesses. Our solution allows you to create a paperless, cloud based practice with effective communication tools for clients and staff. We have also built tools to give advisers access to provide advice without the need for advice assistants.

Multiple practice integration

If you have a multidisciplinary business (accounting and or mortgage broking), our solutions also allow you to integrate your business from multiple software sources into one CRM. We can also provide solutions to scale your accounting technology.


If you outsource your adviser support and paraplanning, our Uber-style paraplanning app will give you access to support without entering contracts or dealing with offshore companies. We have driven down the costs to provide advice – without having to compromise on quality by using overseas support.


We also partner with a number of technology businesses with a similar passion for providing technology solutions to scale your business.

iComply2 - Plans and wizards

Plans and wizards

When you use the built-in XPLAN modules (IPS, Risk Researcher, Wealth Solver, XTools) properly and in conjunction with our advice process, you can achieve powerful automated results cutting down the time to produce advice documents even further.

Our next generation technology solutions enable differentiated, scalable and cost effective compliance reporting.

Our flexible integrated technology can help future proof your business and power you through times of change and growth.

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