Process and Compliance Solutions
for the advice industry

Part 1: Real-Time Compliance

Do you want to capture real-time compliance issues at the Fact Find stage?

iComply2 has built, Artificially Intelligent (AI) Wizards to pick up potential compliance issues at the Fact Find stage.

Our AI Wizards use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read the client objectives and gives a score based on the language used. The results are published in a simple but detailed document, highlighting areas of the Fact Find that require attention (Fig 1. below).

The results are also published onto a compliance dashboard (Fig 2. below) to enable your compliance manager to have continuous real-time adviser monitoring and reporting.

Below is an example of just one capability of iComply2 technology. For a full demo on how iComply2 can help to streamline your business, please get in touch and request a demo.


Fig 1. Example of compliance report

Fig 2. Example of compliance dashboard

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