Process and Compliance Solutions
for the advice industry

What is iComply2?

Financial planners and AFS license holders: meet your new best friend – iComply2.

Built by advisers for advisers, iComply2 is an ecosystem of software that provides process and compliance solutions that will help you to solve problems, save time and run an efficient business.

Using programs such as XPLAN and Microsoft Office 365, this frontline of innovation hosts intuitive advice wizards and technology solutions all in one place.  Watch our video to discover iComply2.

Meet the creators of iComply2

If you want to build a compliant, scalable and efficient business, iComply2 is the answer.

Founders and creators of iComply2, Chris and Anthony, were financial planners in their own successful firm. They realised that many of their systems and processes weren’t efficient or cohesive, and they were struggling to maintain an acceptable return on investment as they scaled the business.

So, they took on the challenge to find something better. Watch our video to hear Chris and Anthony talk about iComply2.

Statement of Advice (SoA)

Why spend 13 hours producing a Statement of Advice for a client, when you can produce one in a little over an hour?

Designed by advisers for advisers, the SoA Wizard uses its intuitive interface to produce comprehensive results via XTOOLS+ and WealthSolver. It can even tailor strategies and customise projections for your client’s specific needs and circumstances.

Watch our video to discover the SoA Wizard by iComply2 – Process & Compliance Solutions for Financial Planners.


Record of Advice (RoA)

Why spend 30 minutes producing a Record of Advice (RoA) for your client when you can do it in less than three minutes with iComply2?

The iComply2 RoA Wizard has been designed by advisers for advisers.

We made sure that the wizard requires only minimal items to be addressed by the adviser, so the entire process is efficient and easy.

Plus, the wizard pulls through all fees, including I.C.R., Buy/Sell and Portfolio Management Differences, making life easier for you and your client.

Watch our video to discover the RoA Wizard by iComply 2 – Process & Compliance Solutions for Financial Planners.

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