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iComply2 - Christopher Fellas

Christopher Fellas

Founder and Co-Creator, iComply2

“I’ve been called tenacious many times in my life. I’m determined and I like the detail.”

Chris Fellas is very, very good at connecting the dots. Finding the opportunities that can lead to major change. You could call him a pioneer.

“I love the challenge of finding solutions, particularly when that solution is technology.”

With over thirty years’ experience in the financial industry, there’s not much Chris hasn’t seen.

And in that time, he’s gained a deep understanding of client experiences…

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Anthony Lyon

Anthony Lyon

Founder & Co-Creator, iComply2

“It’s an undiscovered world out there.”

“I’m excited about the whole business. I have the technical and coding skills, and I am able to find the latest solutions around compliance and making a business more efficient…

…and I love building something in the Artificial Intelligence space.”

Anthony Lyons was an accountant until he found his niche in financial planning.

Accounting was okay, and he was very good at it, but he needed the client relationships, more than he needed the numbers.

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Abulikemu Eldar Yilidaer

Abulikemu ‘Eldar’ Yilidaer

XPLAN Development and Advisor Support

“I enjoy creating something new and making financial advisors’ lives easier with my programming.”

Abulikemu ‘Eldar’ Yilidaer loves programming and coding. He enjoys the process of creating something new and exciting customers with his systems.

“I am very passionate about finance and data analytics. I love knowing financial advisors are benefiting from my programming … as it makes their lives much easier.”

Eldar is passionate about finance and data analytics, business analytics and data science. He enjoys learning new trends in business.

He also loves making things happen, with great success and efficiency.

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Calvin Chung

Calvin Chung

Head of Development, XPLAN software

“I’m really passionate about making sure people are taken care of and their needs are answered.”

Calvin Chung loves helping people. He brings insightful observations and expert ideas to the table.

And he knows that his support makes a difference.

“My area of expertise is anything related to XPLAN, such as generating templates, advice documents, or any analytical tools customers need help with. I convert information into mediums that best communicate data to clients. I cover that whole base.”

With a double degree of Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance, Calvin understands the importance of data analysis and financial planning.

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