Process and Compliance Solutions
for the advice industry
Leave it to the wizards

Leave it to the wizards

“Hi, Chris and Anthony here. We’re iComply2 founders and creators.

iComply2 is a technology ecosystem of software solutions that provides process and compliance solutions for AFSL holders and financial planners. Using existing software like XPlan. this new technology is at the front line of innovation, and it is significantly changing the way AFSL holders and financial planners do business.

Our series of wizards are expertly coded and purpose built by advisors, for advisers.

How did we create our technology ecosystem?

We looked at platforms like XPLAN and Microsoft 365 and worked out how we could use the existing software to its maximum potential to solve persistent problems and save time.”

Are you ready to enjoy powerful compliance reporting at the touch of a button … in a fraction of the time?

AFSL holders and financial planners will enjoy a full eco-system of tools and wizards that will:

ᐅ Save time
ᐅ Improve systems and processes
ᐅ Increase profitability
ᐅ Reduce headcount
ᐅ Deliver growth and scale
ᐅ Future proof your business



iComply 2 Wizards

ᐅ Fact Find
ᐅ Review Wizard
ᐅ RoA Wizard
ᐅ SOA Request Wizard
ᐅ Execution Only Letter Wizard
ᐅ Risk Wizard
ᐅ Best Interest Duty File Note
ᐅ Compliance File Review Wizard
ᐅ Portfolio Review Wealth Creators
ᐅ Portfolio Review
ᐅ Engagement Letter Wizard
ᐅ Fee Disclosure
ᐅ Committee Meeting Agenda
ᐅ BT Quarterly Forum Report

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