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Why iComply2?

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The Royal Commission into the finance industry has had a ripple effect for all AFSL holders and financial planners. And the main worry, of course, is compliance. Are you, as an adviser, confident that you’ve been compliant with your advice? And are you as a practice manager safe in the knowledge that all your planners are compliant?

iComply2 is the compliance solution you’ve been looking for. It’s a unique, purpose-built ecosystem of software solutions that every financial planner and AFSL holder can rely on, time and time again.

Not only does our ecosystem ensure that the Statement of Advice you’ve prepared as the individual financial planner is completely compliant. It gives you as the practice manager an overarching view of all your planners, so that you can have the certainty of compliance for every one of your statements and reports.

Make advice documents efficient

Make advice documents efficient

As a financial planner, advice documents take up a considerable portion of your time. And we know that you’re spending more than 13 hours preparing a Word document. Then endlessly scrolling up and down, and reading and re-reading to edit it until it is complete.

We know the industry well because we ourselves are planners. And we’ve experienced the same limitations and frustrations that you are currently experiencing with the SoA process. It’s slow, it’s time-consuming, and there’s the constant worry that you are a hundred percent compliant at the end.

iComply2 revolutionises the way you prepare advice documents. We have created wizards in Xplan, a system you already have, that are incredibly easy to use. You simply input your information into our wizard, press “merge”, and it creates a Statement of Advice for you.

It’s that simple.

Make compliance reports a breeze

Make compliance reports a breeze

The most difficult part about compliance reports is that you don’t know if you’ve missed something in the preparation process. And you won’t know until the Statement of Advice is complete and you are reviewing it. Or worse, after it’s already been sent.

We realised this in our own financial planning business, and we began searching for a better way. A way to capture compliance problems as you work – in real time.

And that’s what iComply2 gives you. We’ve created a traffic light system that captures real-time compliance issues. So it’s an immediate heads-up for you as you work, not after it’s too late.

iComply2 covers all the compliance alerts you need, from fact finding, to fee for no service, FDS and Opt-in, AFSL quarterly reporting and AFSL compliance file review.

Automate your compliance

Automate your compliance

The biggest worry for an AFSL holder is that your planners and advisers are being compliant. With every Statement of Advice and report. Today more than ever, this is crucial to get right, because it will affect your licence.

iComply2 allows you to automate your compliance for the entire business. It gives you an overarching view of every planner and every SoA so that you can be assured there have been no problems.

Our specially designed ecosystem gives you daily alerts about high-risk files across the business. From fact finding, to best interest duty file notes, client file clean-up reports and adviser compliance reports…

iComply2 automates compliance to give you complete peace of mind.

Navigate AFSL data with ease

Navigate AFSL data with ease

AFSL data is everything to a financial planning business. But it has to be collated properly, and you need to be able to navigate it easily. Otherwise, it’s just data that isn’t very useful to your business.

iComply2 makes navigating your AFSL data so easy. We have created interactive data dashboards to give you access to all the data you need for your business’s benefit.

From fact find compliance, to fee for no service, revenue management, client file reports, insurance datafeeds… and more.

iComply2 gives you the power of navigating your AFSL data with confidence and strong purpose.

Improve your workflow processes

Improve your workflow processes

Improving your workflow processes isn’t a catchphrase we like to throw around. It’s a tangible, immediate achievement you can have with iComply2.

How does it work? It’s simple. iComply2 has very easy to use processes that can be followed by any member of staff. And the genius of iComply2 is that it improves your existing processes by making them faster and easier.

ᐅ iComply2 cuts down the time it takes to create an SoA, from 13 hours to 2 hours.
ᐅ By using iComply2, you will reduce your RoA process to just 3 minutes.
ᐅ iComply2 automates your annual review process, making it super efficient.
ᐅ iComply2 automates your compliance file process, making it error-free.

Being cloud-based, iComply2 is easy to download, it’s specifically created for Xplan, and we are always here to support you if you need assistance.

Contact us today to discover how iComply2 can eliminate your compliance issues and revolutionise your compliance processes.

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